Monday, January 28, 2013

Yellow Belly St. John's Stout

There's next to no head on this one at all, and it's nearly black - a very dark brown.

There's a subdued aroma of cold, dark coffee, and that's about it.

The flavour is fairly simple and direct - it's nice and roasty with some chocolate and espresso/coffee beans. It's got a nice, dark, "gritty" flavour, without the grit.

The carbonation's really low. It's a bit thin and watery, but still pretty smooth. It may need to be a bit more viscous and perhaps a bit more carbonated. The finish is a bit wet for this "dry" stout.

A good brew overall - really drinkable, but could be a bit heartier.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yellow Belly Pale Ale

It's been a bit over two years since I had my first and only Yellow Belly brew - about time for another! This brew is a very clear, dark, deep gold with an amber/brown tint, and a modest, creamy, off-white head.

It has a hoppy aroma up front... it doesn't smack you over the head, but it's citrusy enough. Right behind it, and especially as it warms up, it has a bit of butterscotch / brown butter coming through... uh oh... is it diacetyl, or is it just caramel / crystal malt?

Thank God... it's not diacetyl. The crystal / caramel malt is def. there, adding some caramel / toffee / darker sweetness. The hoppiness / citrus slant is subdued, unfortunately. It's not "off", it's just not where I wanted it to be... it builds to more of a grassy / green / hops flavour. It's got more caramel/crystal malt than I like for the style... which is OK, just not what I like the most.

The bitterness is pretty low, with a light mouthfeel that's smooth & slightly creamy. The carbonation isgentle / low.

I appreciate this one a lot more than others that have a strong crystal/caramel slant... I rather like this one, though I'd prefer other APAs with less crystal/caramel & maybe a bit more hops.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pump House Doppelbock

This Pump House seasonal / 10-year (and 10% ABV, supposedly) anniversary brew pours a deep mahogany, with a modest head.

There is some alcohol in the aroma, especially as it warms up. It's malty with some caramel / demerara sugar.

There is definitely some alcohol in the taste. It's a little medicinal that borders / competes with a licorice slant. It's warming on a cold day, for sure. As the glass goes on, the alcohol is a bit strong / lingering in the aftertaste. On the plus side, the high ABV doesn't really factor in the feel. It's really reminding me of some amber or dark rums.

It has a medium feel and carbonation, with a slick finish.

Overall... maybe a 3 or a 4 out of 5. The novelty of having it on tap on PEI (at Water Street Fish & Chips) makes me want to say a 4, even though I feel it's really more of a 3. I'd have it again, especially if this weather persists.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

This one pours with a tall head, and the brew is the same bright orange colour as the label. A bit cloudy.

The aroma is yeasty... a bit of bread, and a bit sweet / citrusy.

The flavour is mellow, smooth, but a bit bright and citrusy... and still slightly sweet, just like the aroma. A slight aftertatse is more on the grain / malt side of things.

The body's nearly medium, with a clean finish and low bitterness.

No major flaws, and no standout aspects - it's still an enjoyable brew. I'd have it again sometime.

Hövels Original

This brew has about a finger of head, is super clear, rose-ish in the pour, and reddish-brown in the glass. It's touted / classified as an altbier... really? Let's move on.

Instant green bottle smell. Why does anyone put beers (especially less-robust ones) in green bottles. Aroma-wise, this could be Heineken or anything else in a green bottle from Europe. In its defense, it does have a bit of toffee sweetness.

In the flavour is a bit of that toffee, but, really, it tastes like a mass-market Euro lager... no guts from the four malts in this one that give it its darker colour. It's a bit like an amber/red lager... some sweetness, but everything is else is grass, a bit of corn, a slight bitterness... followed by lager-y burps.

It's got a thin body, with a clean, dry, fairly bitter finish.

This is not a terrible or great (or that good, even) beer. It suffers from its green bottle packaging, and maybe age - one I got was basically at its best before limit