Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer

This beer pours a slightly-cloudy, amber-tinged yellow - very much like an iced tea. A few bubbles in the pour lead to zero head.

It smells almost exactly like a real iced tea with a bit of lemon.

Lemon is in the taste, as well as a bit of apricot. The tea flavour is there, but not too strongly. There is a bit of hops fruitiness and bitterness.

The feel is pretty crisp and slightly sticky. There's enough carbonation to help it feel bright. The mouthfeel is pretty light and refreshing without being watery.

This one goes down easy - a great beer for summer, and a good beer for any old time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mill Street Seasonal Sampler

While doing a random check of our province's beer listings a day or so ago, I was surprised and pleased to see that they were carrying Mill Street's Seasonal Sampler. Billed on the box as a "Mini Brew Pub" (great concept), it's essentially a six-pack of six different beers: their Tankhouse Ale, Stock Ale, Organic Lager, Pilsner, the new Traditional Ginger Beer, as well as a 473 ml can of their Lemon Tea Ale. At $13.99, it's a great opportunity for Islanders to try six different beers at a low price. When I went into an LCC store yesterday, there were none left on the shelf, but after an ask and a search, a box was found for me. The box doesn't contain world-changing top-ranked brews, but you should find it a slightly interesting, easy-drinking, refreshing pack of pretty solid beers for these hot (well, some of them, anyway, in between the thunderstorms) summer days. Support the import of variety to our stores!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dieu du Ciel! Blanche du Paradis

It's 25 degrees inside today. A perfect time for a light, refreshing wheat beer - in my new DdC glass, no less.

Blanche du Paradis pours a slightly cloudy yellow with a hint of orange - almost like a faded school bus. The head is nice, but is not retained for very long.

The aromas are bright - pineapple, orange peel, coriander, yeast, wheat... maybe some honey and apple. The coriander and yeast intensify as it warms.

The flavour is more the same - but is more intense, or not as light - especially in a couple of areas. Some more mellow (but strong) notes of apple and fresh bread come out, especially at the beginning of each sip and on the exhale. The coriander has a bit of a kick in the first sip, but it levels out somewhat after that.

The feel? A bit of a citrus acidity without much of the citrus flavour (the orange peel is just faint). The finish is sticky up the middle and back, and dry on the sides. Overall, more dry than anything else. The carb is just right for this ale - not prickly, but present enough to feel refreshing.

Overall, a great beer to beat the summer heat. I may even be refreshed enough to do some vacuuming now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Howe Sound Brewing Co.'s Rail Ale Nut Brown

This, my fourth beer from the Howe Sound Brewing Company pours a clear and fairly dark brown that is brighter and lighter on the edges. It has lots of head, which only lasts a couple of minutes. It leaves a somewhat pop-like skim of bubbles on top.

At first, it does have a bit of black licorice in the smell, even more than the advertised notes of dark chocolate (which do come out a bit more as it warms). The aroma's stronger notes are of molasses and rye bread.

The beginning of each sip has a smooth chocolate flavour - then transforms into full-on rye bread territory. It's like the liquefied version of a heavy, hearty bread overall - without being heavy, if that makes sense. I only pick up a relatively minor amount of non-specific nuttiness.

The feel of it is quite light, and it has a rather sweet and clean finish. It's somewhat refreshing and goes down easy - it'd be no problem to put away a good little amount of this in one sitting. The carbonation is bright, but subtle. It tickles the tongue just enough before it evaporates towards the roof of your mouth.

Overall - a nice, easy-drinking, pretty-tasty, lighter-than-expected, refreshing brown ale. Not extremely memorable, but a quality beer nonetheless.

Happy Canada Day - Want An Umbrella?

It's Canada Day here, up in the Great White North, and I'm feeling generous. A week or so ago, the good folks at Rickard's sent me some samples of their new Blonde (which isn't actually a blonde, but more on that later), as well as three umbrella-ella-ellas to give away to you, my dear readers.

I thought about some ways to give them away, like finally kicking my Facebook group into gear and having you recruit members, or forcing you to follow my blog through some feed reader or something, but... I'm really busy these days, which necessitates me being not so fancy or complicated. So... your task, on this, our nation's birthday, is to write a beer-related poem. Bonus points for using the word "Rickard's" in it. To give you a focus, and to keep things brief, let's limit the poetic style to haikus and limericks. The three winning entries will be picked simply on how much I like them.

The catch? You have to be able to come to my house to pick up your umbrella (near Charlottetown), or meet me in Charlottetown to do a hand-off. OR be willing to pay the shipping. Deadline is July 15th. Happy poeming!