Yellow Belly Pale Ale

It's been a bit over two years since I had my first and only Yellow Belly brew - about time for another! This brew is a very clear, dark, deep gold with an amber/brown tint, and a modest, creamy, off-white head.

It has a hoppy aroma up front... it doesn't smack you over the head, but it's citrusy enough. Right behind it, and especially as it warms up, it has a bit of butterscotch / brown butter coming through... uh oh... is it diacetyl, or is it just caramel / crystal malt?

Thank God... it's not diacetyl. The crystal / caramel malt is def. there, adding some caramel / toffee / darker sweetness. The hoppiness / citrus slant is subdued, unfortunately. It's not "off", it's just not where I wanted it to be... it builds to more of a grassy / green / hops flavour. It's got more caramel/crystal malt than I like for the style... which is OK, just not what I like the most.

The bitterness is pretty low, with a light mouthfeel that's smooth & slightly creamy. The carbonation isgentle / low.

I appreciate this one a lot more than others that have a strong crystal/caramel slant... I rather like this one, though I'd prefer other APAs with less crystal/caramel & maybe a bit more hops.