Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saint Arnold Endeavour

On my recent trip to Texas, I got to try a bunch of brews. One new-to-me one was Elissa by Saint Arnold (OK, but I wasn't blown away). My new pal in beer, John, also sent me home with a couple more, this being one of them.
This double or imperial IPA is made with Simcoe, Centennial, & Columbus hops. It's clear, with a ruby-orange hue, and a small head, which leaves dots of lacing.
The aroma is a bit subdued, with notes of orange, pineapple, and an undercurrent of toffee.
The flavour? Juicy. It's fruity (see above), and quite sweet - almost that strongly sweet & hoppy barley wine territory. The alcohol's hidden well, but a bit of the heat does come across with the increasing bitterness.
The body's medium, the finish is fairly slick, and the carbonation is on the light side of medium.
Overall - what a winner. It's fruity, malty, bitter, sweet, and strong, without being overly so in any of those areas. What a well-balanced, great brew. 
P.S.- I love the cap...

Friday, June 28, 2013

4 Squared Dry-hopped Ale

One of the first beers I got to try in Texas... I should really do a post on each place & the whole trip, but I figured I'd start with this one.

Surprisingly, this one is crystal clear & golden, with a tall head (it smells more "unfiltered").

Like I said, this one smells great, but, like Heady Topper, it smells better & drinks better from the can (I couldn't resist using my new Freetail glass, though). Lots of citrus & pine.

It's a bit bitter, but very approachable. It's got some tropical fruit flavours like pineapple & mango. It's got a fairly clean finish & is fairly light in feel.

Overall, a really nice pale ale. I'd give it a 4 from the can, or a 3.5 from the glass. Thanks to my new find in beer, John, for picking it up for me when I was down in San Antonio!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blonde de Chambly

Finally... Unibroue in big bottles here! I've been waiting a while to try this one.

A slightly hazy and golden brew, it has a couple of fingers of white head that vanishes pretty quickly.

In the nose is a bit of spice & some honey... maybe some apple.

There is something in the flavour that is almost mint-like (maybe overly so)... there's a light spiciness, and lots of bright citrus notes.Bright, summery, with a bit of interest to it.

The finish is pretty clean, and the carb is pretty sharp.

Overall, pretty happy with this one! Nice & summery & bright, A nice option at the store.

Monday, June 17, 2013

PEI Brewing Co. Lobster Ale

I had a small sample of this about a month ago, and liked it quite a bit. Now, it's time for the full sample on tap! The first pour of the day, a pre-pour before it, came out all foam. This one was just fine. Lots of lemon and wheat / cracker in the aroma. It's perfectly clear and golden-coloured. The flavour's a bit tart, as expected, and the finish is really dry. There is lots of lemon flavour, as well as some wheat /grain, and some light spice & a wee bit of funk from the yeast. Don't be scared off by the name. An infinitessimally small amount of lobster shell was added during the brewing process, but all traces of it are now long gone. Now, it just goes well with lobster rather than tasting like it. Should go well with other seafood, too, as well as pork. For now, try it on tap, but it will also soon be for sale in larger bottles. I'll let you know when!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stiegl Radler

This post is a bit of a test in a couple of ways: to see how my new tablet does this whole process, and also to see if this new-to-me style is good or a bust.
Technically, this is a half-beer. It is 50% beer & 50% grapefruit juice. As soon as you open it, there is an overwhelming grapefruit smell. Well, some kind of grapefruit, anyway. It's quite yellow and smells a bit different from the ones I am used to (more like a pomelo or something?). That being said, this cloudy yellow brew with the pure-white head does smell enticing.
The flavour is surprising... it is fruity, but it does not match the aroma and it is a bit too sweet, perhaps. I really wish it tasted like it smelled.
Of course, it is light and has a wet finish... and rather medium carbonation.
All-in-all, it's pretty refreshing and summery, but I wish it lived up to the aroma. Almost there, but a bit too non-beery for me to visit it often.
(as a side note, the new tablet handled this really well overall... I wrote the entire thing with a stylus, which I like, but I had to correct many errors which wouldn't usually happen... also, the camera shot isn't nearly up to my Canon's snuff... I guess I'll still have to upload pics now)