4 Squared Dry-hopped Ale

One of the first beers I got to try in Texas... I should really do a post on each place & the whole trip, but I figured I'd start with this one.

Surprisingly, this one is crystal clear & golden, with a tall head (it smells more "unfiltered").

Like I said, this one smells great, but, like Heady Topper, it smells better & drinks better from the can (I couldn't resist using my new Freetail glass, though). Lots of citrus & pine.

It's a bit bitter, but very approachable. It's got some tropical fruit flavours like pineapple & mango. It's got a fairly clean finish & is fairly light in feel.

Overall, a really nice pale ale. I'd give it a 4 from the can, or a 3.5 from the glass. Thanks to my new find in beer, John, for picking it up for me when I was down in San Antonio!