4 Squared Dry-hopped Ale

One of the first beers I got to try in Texas... I should really do a post on each place & the whole trip, but I figured I'd start with this one.

Surprisingly, this one is crystal clear & golden, with a tall head (it smells more "unfiltered").

Like I said, this one smells great, but, like Heady Topper, it smells better & drinks better from the can (I couldn't resist using my new Freetail glass, though). Lots of citrus & pine.

It's a bit bitter, but very approachable. It's got some tropical fruit flavours like pineapple & mango. It's got a fairly clean finish & is fairly light in feel.

Overall, a really nice pale ale. I'd give it a 4 from the can, or a 3.5 from the glass. Thanks to my new find in beer, John, for picking it up for me when I was down in San Antonio!


  1. Doesn't look crystal clear in this picture, rather hazy. How is it possible to smell better (or at all) from the can?

    Jerry, Chester NS

    1. The glass prob. had a bit of condensation on it here. For beers with lots of hop aroma, the narrower the opening, the more the hop aroma is retained, it seems. Otherwise, it's kind of like it escapes or evaporates, in a sense. There is probably also something to do with the turbulence the can's opening makes as the beer flows over it, releasing aromas & directing them to the nose.


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