PEI Brewing Co. Lobster Ale

I had a small sample of this about a month ago, and liked it quite a bit. Now, it's time for the full sample on tap! The first pour of the day, a pre-pour before it, came out all foam. This one was just fine. Lots of lemon and wheat / cracker in the aroma. It's perfectly clear and golden-coloured. The flavour's a bit tart, as expected, and the finish is really dry. There is lots of lemon flavour, as well as some wheat /grain, and some light spice & a wee bit of funk from the yeast. Don't be scared off by the name. An infinitessimally small amount of lobster shell was added during the brewing process, but all traces of it are now long gone. Now, it just goes well with lobster rather than tasting like it. Should go well with other seafood, too, as well as pork. For now, try it on tap, but it will also soon be for sale in larger bottles. I'll let you know when!