Happy Canada Day - Want An Umbrella?

It's Canada Day here, up in the Great White North, and I'm feeling generous. A week or so ago, the good folks at Rickard's sent me some samples of their new Blonde (which isn't actually a blonde, but more on that later), as well as three umbrella-ella-ellas to give away to you, my dear readers.

I thought about some ways to give them away, like finally kicking my Facebook group into gear and having you recruit members, or forcing you to follow my blog through some feed reader or something, but... I'm really busy these days, which necessitates me being not so fancy or complicated. So... your task, on this, our nation's birthday, is to write a beer-related poem. Bonus points for using the word "Rickard's" in it. To give you a focus, and to keep things brief, let's limit the poetic style to haikus and limericks. The three winning entries will be picked simply on how much I like them.

The catch? You have to be able to come to my house to pick up your umbrella (near Charlottetown), or meet me in Charlottetown to do a hand-off. OR be willing to pay the shipping. Deadline is July 15th. Happy poeming!


  1. A Poem For A Dead Scot.

    There was a man who loved "Rickard's" so much,
    He had bottles enshrined in a hutch.
    He'd collect all night and day, and his friends would all say.....
    I forget how this ends, but your mother's a whore.

    Peter and Holly Noël
    (Mad Props to Sean Connery and no offence to your mom!)

  2. There once was a blogger named Stephen
    Who liked to drink beer in the evenin'
    Some were floral, some fruity
    Some came from Djibouti.
    But Rickard's really got him weavin' 

  3. You can't sooth babies
    With beer, not even Rickard's;
    Nix that idea.

  4. Cold, crisp, citrus notes
    My Rickard's quenches my thirst.
    Yes, blonds have more fun.

  5. To give you a focus, and to keep things brief, let's limit the poetic style to haikus and limericks.umbrella


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