Alexander Keith's Galaxy Hop Ale

I like the idea of this hop series by Keith's - it's the right thing to do for them to be a bit more relevant & keep up with current beer trends / culture / knowledgeable drinkers. I have had the Cascade and Hallertauer in the series already, with the Hallertauer being my favourite thus far, I think. I expect more from this one, as I like what Galaxy has to offer.

Unfortunately, this is my least favourite of the three, I think. First off, like many hoppy beers, this is better drunk from the can - don't follow the poor glass suggestion on the can (suggests some plain Keith's glass). The best glass for this is a goblet or the IPA glass - something with a narrow opening.

The aroma is fairly nice, albeit a little restrained. They definitely didn't go all in with this hop to really let it shine. Mostly pineapple and orange come out, but they don't whack you over the head like they could have. The flavour isn't that great. It's a bit too sweet. It comes across as a little peachy, and will probably give some tasters notions of corn or the use of adjuncts.

Kudos to Keith's for doing this series, and for selecting Galaxy, but to really succeed with this, they need to ramp things up just a bit more before many people will care. On the plus side, this series should help to entice, expose, and educate some folks on the broad topic of what's in their beer.