Yesterday's beer - Soaked, by Tatamagouche Brewery,
at Hopyard Charlottetown

Three years. That's the hat-trick I'm talking about here, as it's been three years (and about 36 days) since I last made a post on the ol' beer blog. It's something that has bothered me, that static state, but today, I decided to reassure you (and me) that it isn't dead. Why today? I suppose there was a hat-trick of reasons.

One - I got a message from a friendly American via my Twitter account that he had found my site and thought I'd be the guy to talk to about some beer-related questions he had regarding PEI and his visit. I gave him lots of info, and he says if we run into one another in town this week, he has a can of beer for me to say thanks (from a good-sounding new-to-me brewery, too). This kind of interaction is right at the top of why I started a blog in the first place over eight years ago. People. Connecting with people via beer. It's magic.

Two - After about two years of Google telling me my domain registration had expired, and me not being able to sort my admin account / payment out, I got the "we just threw your domain to the wolvez" email from Google today, which turned my alert level from amber ale to red ale (which I'm not big on). In about 20 minutes, I had the whole thing sorted, and I'm up and running again. All registered.

Three - Maybe there isn't a solid third. Well, there was earlier, when I tried to post via the app, but the app always crashes / is garbage, so here I am. Thoughts dissolved. And do you think I can remember it right now? Nope. But that's OK.

The point is, I intend to keep this space alive. I think the site accomplished some things in its day, but I still feel like it has a role, or has unfinished business, at least for me. Sure, I have the Instagrams and Twitters and Untappds that drew my time away from here, and I'll keep those, but I can't let this space go, either. It has a place.

So, raise a glass if you want (I'm having my only beer of the day right now, a La Fin du Monde) and have a drink with me. We'll do it every now and then, you and I. Just probably asynchronously.

PS - I don't intend to cover lost ground about the brewery / personal growth that has gone on in the last three years. I'm just going to pick things up and go from here. Fresh start. Shake things up. Oh - fittingly - it's also Hopyard Halifax's first day if you'd like to have your beer of the day. They're great folks, them.