"The" IPA Glass

Earlier this year, Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada co-created a new beer glass, made by Spiegelau. What makes this glass interesting is that it is designed specifically for India Pale Ales. Some scoffed, but many styles (heck, individual beers for that matter) have their own glass, so why not this uber-popular style?

Well, thankfully, my wife knows what I like, and she supports my hobby... and when she saw the 2-pack of these at a local jewelry store for $20 (a pretty normal Spiegelau price), she picked them up.

The verdict? I think it works. Like any Spiegelau glass, it feeIs fairly delicate, but sturdy enough. It has a balance almost like a wine glass or snifter. Its narrow, curved base feels nice in your hand, & also helps to minimize how much your hand warms it up. The curves also probably have a hand in creating head & releasing aromas. The top of the glass is nice as it helps to contain the head and aromas, but it's still wide enough to let your nose in and enjoy as you sip.

I'll be making continued good use of this, especially on IPA day!