Gahan / PEI Brewing Co. Wins Again At CBA's

The Canadian Brewing Awards are tonight. I'm watching a bit of them on ustream. Sure enough, not long after I watch a bit, I see a fellow Aleander, B.A. Carver, accept a gold medal for a win in the brown ale category. The presenter wrongly said the triumphant Iron Horse was PEI's first-ever gold (they won one last year) at the CBA's, but whatever - it's good publicity and motivation for Gahan / The PEI Brewing Co. Congrats, folks!

Edit: last year's winner for them, their Sir John A Honey Wheat, won silver this year. View a complete list of winners here.


  1. Have you seen a list of winners? Nothing has been published on their web site yet. Any idea what was won by Garrison, Propeller and Nash?

  2. The list will eventually be here:

    If you look at TAPS Magazine on Facebook, everything should be there. From what I saw, the only Garrison win was a 2nd place for their Baltic Porter. I didn't see anything for Nash or Propeller.

  3. Wow! Eleven metals for the Maritimes breweries isn't a bad finish. I'm a little disappointed that Pumphouse didn't land one though. Does anyone know why Labatt and Molson Coors don't participate? I had heard a rumor that they weren't impressed with the experience and training of BJCP judges.

    Alan (Moncton, NB)

  4. Yeah, not bad overall, eh? Not surprised Pumphouse didn't get one, just going on what we get here. Maybe next year.
    As for Labatt and Molson, if it's the experience and training of judges... maybe they're looking for ones with less experience!


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