Palomar Ale

Buying Mill Street's variety packs is kind of like gambling - I know there is a great chance of disappointment, but I can't help myself. I have never had a flawed Mill Street beer, but they definitely have a few brews that are weak - at least to me, anyway (I'm looking at you, Stock Ale). Don't hate me, it's just my own personal truth. That being said, they also have some good beer, too.

This one is in the middle. On paper, it sounds like an interesting beer - chipotle and lime, in an American red / amber ale.

Well, the chipotle does come through, and is light enough that it won't offend anyone. It's a little smokey, and has the slightest heat at the back of the throat. There's a little zip to it, too but I almost can't tell if it's from the lime or the hops, as there's no easy-to-differentiate lime flavour to it. I think it's there... lightly... but it's not strong, for sure.

What will the next seasonal variety pack hold? Well, I'm sure it'll have a few that are interesting-sounding, and at least a couple that are good, and probably a couple that aren't. The sixer's never a total bust, but it's never a total win, either.