Picaroons... in bottles... in PEI

In a move that both contradicts Sean Dunbar's notions over 2.5 years ago, and excites especially New Brunswickers living in / visiting PEI, Picaroons is now available in PEI.

After finding, surprisingly, two offerings, I heard from a brewer at the PEIBC today that Picaroons was to have three listings here, but in the two PEILCC shops I was in today, there was just two (although, in one shop, one brand took up two rows).

I also wanted to mention that, after literally years of sporadic tries, I finally had a Yippee IPA that allowed me to see what people who really like this beer have been talking about.


  1. No thanks. I've given Picaroons enough tries. I'll stick to the much cleaner and more consistent beers of PEIBC. I'm not quite sure when Dunbar and his brewers will finally realize that quality is important.


  2. A comment I saw today on A GOOD BEER BLOG sums up my view, regardless of how big or small the brewery;

    "Bad beers need to be criticized- not flattered. This is how the industry is failing. We aren't family"

  3. Tried some Yippee IPA tonight from PEILC.. not bad, not the best IPA i've had, but enjoyable to drink. I would probably prefer 1772 head to head, but I welcome the variety and selection. It's a travesty that it's taking so long to get more offerings from maritime breweries in PEI.. aside from the worst (and sadly most popular) of the Garrison and Pumphouse lines..
    I want to see Propeller in PEI stores. Or some of the seasonal/interesting Garrison or Pumphouse offerings

  4. I lived in Fredericton for 3 years - Picaroons got me through professional school... Loved their best bitter and winter warmer, but yippee was fine on occasion. Picaroons was a big contributor to me becoming a home brewer. Sp thanks for making me aware that these ones are now available here - I'll have to check out the store...

  5. I tried picaroons when I lived in NB, but never had much luck. It always tasted infected. A buddy of mine later told me that the brewery has no formally trained brewers. Makes sense.

    Carl MacD.


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