Uncle Leo's Red Ale

This brew almost looks dark enough to be a brown ale, but... put it up to the light, & it's good & red. Tons of head on this one. It looks a bit coarse, but starts to look creamy as the tan bubbles start to pop.

In the aroma is a caramel / toffee sweetness, bread, & maybe something lightly fruity.

You know what... I typically do not like most red ales unless they're quite hoppy ('Merican red ale style), but this one is pretty enjoyable. It does have some caramel sweetness, but it's got a wonderful roasty quality as well. A slight nuttiness. It comes across very much like a hybrid between a brown or nut brown and a red ale.

The carb feels fine, the body's light, and the finish is a little creamy.

Overall, one of the best straight-ahead red ales I've had in a good while. Well done!