Palabre de la Rameuse

For me, the translation is tricky... and correct me if I'm wrong... but "palabre" is "words" in the sense of having a conversation, and "rameuse" means "rower", so the translation is something like "words of the rower" or "conversation with the rower".

My original thoughts on this beer were from over a year ago, when I had it first, but I also got to try again this week, so my thoughts are pretty fresh.

This brew is a clear, richly-coloured amber with a reddish tint. It has lots of quickly-gone head, and there is a lot of active carbonation in the glass.

In the smell is toffee, honey, and a nagging suspicion that the salt could actually be identified.

It has a nice taste... almost like an amber gose. It tastes of smooth toffee a small added amount of salt. Sweet, mellow, and smooth. Perhaps some wood / vanilla hints.

It has gentle carbonation, a clean finish, and a smooth, medium body.

This one has character... the first time I had it, it reminded me of Innis & Gunn's ales, but this, especially due to its salty slant, is distinct from that. A nice, somewhat memorable brew.


  1. Palabre is Madelinot slang for something like, you tell two people who then tell two people and so on and so on

    1. Ah... so it's akin to gossip or the "telephone" game... or local "news". Cheers for the insight!


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