Palabre de la Rameuse

For me, the translation is tricky... and correct me if I'm wrong... but "palabre" is "words" in the sense of having a conversation, and "rameuse" means "rower", so the translation is something like "words of the rower" or "conversation with the rower".

My original thoughts on this beer were from over a year ago, when I had it first, but I also got to try again this week, so my thoughts are pretty fresh.

This brew is a clear, richly-coloured amber with a reddish tint. It has lots of quickly-gone head, and there is a lot of active carbonation in the glass.

In the smell is toffee, honey, and a nagging suspicion that the salt could actually be identified.

It has a nice taste... almost like an amber gose. It tastes of smooth toffee a small added amount of salt. Sweet, mellow, and smooth. Perhaps some wood / vanilla hints.

It has gentle carbonation, a clean finish, and a smooth, medium body.

This one has character... the first time I had it, it reminded me of Innis & Gunn's ales, but this, especially due to its salty slant, is distinct from that. A nice, somewhat memorable brew.