Translated: sea foam, or sea scum.

This brew is extremely clear and pale. It has a minimal, pure-white head that is gone in no time. (Shouldn't it have more "scum"? But I digress...)

It has a rather plain, American lager smell (might even be hints of corn or something in the aroma).

According to the description, this should be at least somewhat earthy, robust, herbal, and salty. It isn't very herbal or robust, but it does have (in its mostly-normal lager flavour) a noticeable salty finish and is a bit more bitter than expected.

The carbonation is tingly. The body is light. The finish is dry and bitter with a bit of a sticky saltiness... almost a bit like a mouthful of water at the beach, but turned down several notches.

Light and fairly refreshing. I liked the salt aspect, but wish the rest of the beer had some of that herbal, earthy robustness I was looking for.