Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus

Froth monster! This one starts out as almost all head, with tons of lumpy lacing. underneath that sparkling beaten-egg-white covering is a pale golden brew with ample, lazy bubbles.

Smell is bright - honey, green apple, a bit of yeasty spice, some hops in there, too... slight grass & hay (some noble hops in this?).

Bitterness & heat both come through in a rather tongue-numbing and enjoyable way. There's a little citrus in the aroma & taste as it warms. Honey. Hay. Light spice. Reminds me a bit of a higher-alcohol Hommelbier.

The carb is quite sharp & prickly if it lingers in the mouth at all. The body is actually fairly light.

Great burps, clean, hoppy, honey-sweet, bitter, smooth, strong. Nice