Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale - AKA - Happy Hour Pale Ale

I'm assuming the Happy Hour name got them into issues somewhere along the way?

Saw this at the LCC... had to try it, as it was new to PEI.

Really clear, copper colour. Lots of head, and a tornado of bubbles in the glass due to the nucleation sites at the bottom.

The aroma's all Cascade hops - very floral with some bright citrus (lemon/lime/grapefruit, without the pithy slant).

The flavour's fairly malty... not very bitter or citrusy at all (though there is some citrus there). A definite toffee / almost caramel slant. It reminds me a lot of Corte-Real from the brewery La Naufrageur, but it's not quite as strong.

The feel's light, and the finish is slightly sticky, but pretty clean.

Overall, it's OK. Nothing stellar, but nothing off-putting. A little light for me.