PEI Brewing Co's Mango Wheat

This brew was a test batch for the Blueberry Ale, so there's no guarantee you'll ever get it again once it's gone!

This brew's got a very cloudy beeswax colour. At the pub, as you can see in the top image, there was a bit of head to it. At home, from the growler, next to nothing, as most of the carbonation was whipped out of it in a poor growler fill.

From the growler, things almost smelled a little plastic-y or something... but in the glass, things smelled OK - it was best right from the tap at the new brewery. Nice, light mango and wheat aromas. Like some sort of tropical Saskatchewan summer.

I dig the flavour. There is lots of wheat, but lots of mango, too without being overpowering. Refreshing. I found the finish pretty dry for the style, with a mild mango aftertaste.

Overall, I liked it quite a bit - moreso at the brewery, less so from the growler at home.