News from the Beach Chair

Due to climate change, we have completely skipped spring and gone into the warmth and black flies of summer. To fight the black fly blues, at least there's "summer beer", and there's a bit of news about PEI's own summer brew.

Beach Chair Lager is now in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and should be available in all major centers.

Also, if 473 ml is just WAY too much beer for you in one sitting, the PEI Brewing Co. have also made Beach Chair available in the smaller 355 ml format, in packs of six or twelve (saw my first ones today, in fact... well, I saw the empty cans a bit over a month ago at the new site, but I didn't want to say anything before it was "official").

So wherever you are, and however thirsty you are, it's getting easier and easier to "grab a chair".