Bellwoods Brewery's Bring Out Your Dead

This is my first brew from Bellwoods in Toronto - thanks to Red from Untappd - and I hope it isn't my last! This was bottle 1084 of 1699, created to help celebrate the brewery's one-year anniversary - an imperial stout aged in cognac barrels.

This stuff pours like molasses mixed with a bit of blood - slightly reddish, wonderfully dark, and thick. It has next to now head, as you can see, and long legs when swirled in the glass.

The aromas are of wood (almost cedar-like at times), a smokey roastiness, slight dark fruit, and chocolate.

The flavour - I'm not one to rave often - is so good. It has all of the traits in the aroma (minus the cedar), plus a bit of heat as well as some citrus pith in the finish, making it rather bitter. It's almost like an RIS with an IPA finish of sorts. The body/feel is full, smooth, and rich.

For me, this fired on all cylinders in every category. I hope Bellwoods "brings out the dead" more often, and that it can at least sometimes make it to me!