2013 Canadian Brewing Awards Results - Atlantic Edition

I took a few moments this morning to check out what Atlantic Canadian winners we have from last night's Canadian Brewing Awards. (you can see the whole list here, sorted by category)

Local winners include:

  • PEI Brewing Company's Sir John A's Honey Wheat Ale won a medal again, taking home silver in the "Wheat Beer – North American Style" category
  • Acadie-Broue Inc's Tintamarre won bronze
  • Halifax's Rockbottom Brewpub won a bronze with its Insidious IBA
  • Propeller Brewing Co. won a silver with their Bohemian-Style Pilsener
  • Pump House won a silver and two bronze with their Premium Lager, Pail Ale, and Blueberry Ale, respectively
  • From Moosehead Breweries - Alpine Lager and Alpine Light each won gold, Moosehead Lager won silver, and Cracked Canoe Premium Light Lager won a bronze


  1. Another good showing by Maritime breweries. I'm somewhat surprised that Garrison didn't received any, but not at all surprised by Picaroon's shut-out.


    1. Garrison, with a few exceptions, seems to be on an overall downward turn these days. Could be their recent "staffing change". As for Picaroons, they're regularly slammed and loved online. Can't slag 'em too hard - brewery of the year in 2011, so they must do the odd thing right. I'd love to have 'em in my town, especially when they do the 12 beers of Christmas.

  2. I’ve heard about Garrison’s turbidity issues, but this is a fairly recent phenomena – Not sure what the problem is but as a professional brewer I’m sure Daniel is all over it. I wasn't aware of the staffing changes.

    Picaroon’s is a different animal all together. Over the years, they’ve failed to convince me that they are capable making a quality beer. On top of the gross inconsistencies, I’ve never come across a beer with so many infection and diactyl issues.



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