Gahan's Brew Samples

Today, I had a change in my day-to-day work, and had a meeting in Stratford. I had a splendiferously killer burger for lunch at Phinley's and, after the meeting was over, took it upon myself to kill about 40 minutes @ the Gahan House before I had to pick up some sushi (great food day, really). You know... I don't think I ever did the "tasting samples" or whatever they call it there (although I've had them all at some point) before, so I thought that's what I'd do instead of just having a resurrected Coles' Cream Ale or something I knew I'd like. So... to keep this short, here are my notes from Evernote:

Coles' Cream Ale - little cream, bit of toffee... bit of corn. Tastes pretty nice. Kind of an English bitter. A bit thin and light, but not bad.
Beach Chair Lager - really thin compared to the last time I had it or even the Coles. Nah.
John A. Honey Wheat - fair to good. Same as last time. Bright. Def. honey there. Light citrus/lemon as advertised. 
Harvest Gold Pale Ale - smell light pith/citrus. Pretty nice! A bit thin, light, but nice enough flav / bitterness. 
Red - much better than last time. Decent. Still don't like reds. 
Iron Horse - no smell? These samples are much too small. Light/thin. Roasty. Nutty. Still decent.
1772 IPA - good. Last bottle(s) I had were better. 
Sydney Street Stout - big roasty smell. Choc. Coffee. Light nuts. Maybe the best one. Very nice.