Simple Malt Cascade IPA

Sad, sad, sad. I had all of my notes written up in point on form on this brew. I  even typed them as I drank it many months ago. Then, when I thought I'd edit and post it a few days back, for some reason, the whole editing window went blank, the autosave did its (terrible) job, and I was down one review. It just so happened to be one of the few I did entirely on computer, and not with pen & paper. Balls.

All I can tell you is what I remember - this Cascade-hopped brew was as you see it, and it was hoppier and more aromatic than I expected. I don't recall being knocked off my feet, but I do recall liking it a fair bit and thinking I'd like to get one even fresher some day. It had a little toffee sweetness, and a good deal of citrus flavour and aroma as well.

Lesson learned - Blogger hates drafts and loves autosave!