N'Ice Chouffe

For my second beer of Christmas, I give you N'Ice Chouffe. I had this one on Christmas Eve with my pops (and I saved one that I still haven't opened yet).

This brew pours a dark orange-brown... it's a bit "chestnutty". It's got a nice creamy head that's tan/orange in colour. It sticks around and provides some solid lacing, while leaving a yeasty little island on top of the brew.

In the nose is grass, barley, hops... the funk's light, and so is some light coffee. Hops come out more as it warms, as well as some curacao.

Flavour - almost a bit like a barleywine. It's sweet, earthy, and the bitterness from the hops is kind of tingly / numbing. The 10% ABV probably provides some of that, too. It's sticky in its finish, and smooth, with a medium body.

This was not a revelatory brew, but it was very nice nonetheless. What a great beverage to share with family on Christmas Eve!