Dupont's Avec Les Bons Voeux

For some reason, I thought this one was going to be a bit darker than it is. It's a mid-to-deep gold with some slight haze, and a pristine-white head.

In the aroma is a bit of spice, some apple, bread, hay, and a bit of yeastiness.

The flavour is a bit lager-ish, actually, especially in the burps / aftertaste. There is some grass / bitterness from the hops. There's also some honey, and pale fruit juice - like a blend of fruit salad juices... pear, apple, grape, maybe pineapple.

There's a bit of heat / warmth after the fact - great for Christmas. There's a sharp carbonation feel, but how it feels when it fades away gradually is actually quite nice. There's also an airiness about it that would put you in mind of a Belgian IPA.

Very nice. This one went great with some fancy shmancy salami and local aged white cheddar.