De Dolle Stille Nacht

Other than the sediment at the end of the pour, this one is a clear, deep amber / orange, with about one finger of head. Constant bubbling maintains a 2-3mm white head throughout.

In the nose is sweet caramel up front. There's something interestingly flowery and fruity about it. Do I smell lychee? It smells strong without coming off as alcoholic. There's some slight banana as it warms.

There are flavours of... fruit, both light and dark... like "dark citrus". It's slightly pithy and bitter with dark fruit. I like its depth and intrigue. Caramel's in there, too.

Feel-wise, it's a bit hot (it is 12% ABV). It's nicely warming, though. Good for Christmas - excellently warming and buzzy without being astringent or too "burny". Thhe body is light-medium, with a slick finish, as if it was thicker than it is, if that makes sense.

This one's a winner. Over one year old, it's very nice. I'd get it again anytime.