What's Goin' On?

A lot, really. There's the Aleanders rum-barrel projects for one - more on that some other day.

I just thought I'd make a quick note about a few new things at the PEILCC:

  • Gahan / PEI Brewing Co. has bottled their Sydney Street Stout for the first time, and are selling it as a "limited release" kind of deal. It's pricier than their regular offerings - $4.25 vs. $3.60. I'll tell you later if it's worth it.
  • Remember the Beer Festival in September? Well, a couple of exhibitors had some extra beer, and one of them is finally getting sold: Quidi Vidi's Iceberg beer. Thank god this thing's novel and in a cool blue bottle, because at $3.95 for a rather average beer, it'd be sitting on the shelves forever. 
  • Granville Island continues its sneaky infiltration... its fourth offering on the Island has hit the shelves: Lions Winter Ale - if I remember correctly... I had one last December and it reminded me of cream soda. It wasn't what I expected, but I still kind of liked it. More on that one some other day, too.
  • And, oh yeah - in a regular "wow, we missed the right time for that one" kind of release, Sam Adams' Summer Ale is now available, too. Sheesh. 


  1. That's hilarious about the Sam Adams Summer... normally, beer stores have it on the shelf too EARLY, like around March or April. Way to break the mold, PEILCC!

  2. I'd love to see ANBL carry the Granville Island line. Does PEI get some of the other pseudo-"craft" beers like Creemore and Hop City regularly?

    1. We do now, yes. Creemore was added in the summer (Pils and Lager), and Barking Squirrel is here in cans and kegs at least. We're still behind the times and have a weird mix (good stuff like Orval, for example), but things are moving and improving overall.


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