What's Goin' On?

A lot, really. There's the Aleanders rum-barrel projects for one - more on that some other day.

I just thought I'd make a quick note about a few new things at the PEILCC:

  • Gahan / PEI Brewing Co. has bottled their Sydney Street Stout for the first time, and are selling it as a "limited release" kind of deal. It's pricier than their regular offerings - $4.25 vs. $3.60. I'll tell you later if it's worth it.
  • Remember the Beer Festival in September? Well, a couple of exhibitors had some extra beer, and one of them is finally getting sold: Quidi Vidi's Iceberg beer. Thank god this thing's novel and in a cool blue bottle, because at $3.95 for a rather average beer, it'd be sitting on the shelves forever. 
  • Granville Island continues its sneaky infiltration... its fourth offering on the Island has hit the shelves: Lions Winter Ale - if I remember correctly... I had one last December and it reminded me of cream soda. It wasn't what I expected, but I still kind of liked it. More on that one some other day, too.
  • And, oh yeah - in a regular "wow, we missed the right time for that one" kind of release, Sam Adams' Summer Ale is now available, too. Sheesh.