New Offerings At The PEILCC

While I've been busy drinking a couple of new local offerings as well as some fine off-Island (mostly Quebec and Belgian) lagers and ales, the PEILCC has sneakily snuck in some new listings that you might want to check out. Some are totally new to here, some were once here and are now back:

  • Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly - probably the best summer beer on the Island right now
  • Creemore Springs' Premium Lager - the other current offering in my fridge
  • Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale
  • Pump House Premium Lager
  • St. Ambroise IPA - with another one or two in this list, the first true, off-Island IPA's on PEI ever
  • Waterloo IPA
  • Affligem Blond
  • Fruli Strawberry Beer
  • Hollandia
  • Innis & Gunn Rum Finish
  • Innis & Gunn Oak Aged - how this differs from the oak-aged original, I have no idea... yet
  • Mongozo Premium Pilsener
  • Mort Subite Kriek - holly crap... a lambic for sale on PEI!
  • Paulaner - not sure which one yet
  • Tennents - not sure which one yet - can't tell from the listing
Now... I can't say there are any earth-moving stars in the last 13 here, but there are definitely a few worth trying. I've tried about half of them before (some published, some not), but you can decide which ones you'd like to try out. Me? My next ones to find are the Kriek, the St. Ambroise IPA, and maybe one of the Innis & Gunns. 

Cheers to increased choice on PEI!

PS - maybe once Mel's starts selling alcohol, they will turn into my own little import shop. Dreaming, I know, but... ah, what a dream.