Creemore Springs Premium Lager

This lager is a deep gold / honey / amber colour, with a finger or two of head - which vanishes to nothing within moments. There are some active bubbles in this glass of crystal-clear brew.

One of my first impressions, after having a couple of cans of this (well, one in can, and one in a glass) was that it may smell & taste better from the bottle. That being said, it has a light honey and toffee aroma.

In the flavour is some grassiness, honey, and a bit of acidity / fruitiness. When it warms up a bit, it takes on some cereal / grain / wheat flavours moreso... as well as a bit of corn (only in one of the brews I sampled, I should say, but thought I should mention it)? If I get a bit of that, it's slight. Either way, it tastes best when it's a bit colder.

It has a dry, lightly bitter, clean finish. When it warms up, it also takes on a bit of an aftertaste that I could do without.

Overall, it's a solid lager - especially in a hot, dry summer. Just don't let it warm up.

As a side note (look at me goin' all foodie, here), my Mrs. got the idea of a beer granita from the latest Food Network magazine. I and some other Aleanders tested it out, and, I must say, I was pleased with the results. Basically, all you have to do is pour a bottle / can or two of this (or any other lager... I'm going to try a blanche or white ale next) into a fairly large cake pan, so that it sits at a shallow level. Put it into the freezer, and scrape the top of it with a fork (or just mix / mash it up, if it isn't scrape-able yet) every half hour for two or three hours (bet on at least three, at least with my freezer). When it's all frozen into grainy or flaky slush, scoop it into a glass or several sundae dishes, pour a little melted lemonade concentrate (magazine also suggests lime or grenadine) over it, and voilĂ  - perfect summer treat