Troubadour Blond Ale

On top of this brew is scads of wee-bubbly head, but it lasts forever and is pretty dense... leaving an oval peak of head from the beginning of the drink 'til nearly the end (picture a little sudsy mountain). There is tons of lacing, and the beer is a very clear and pale gold/yellow. There is lots of active carbonation in the glass.

In the aroma is a bit of white grape juice, apples, some slight spice/clove, and a bit of pineapple - rather muted and reserved.

The flavour is a bit bready, with bananas, slighter spice than suggested by even the subtle smell, pineapple/apple, pear... and just the faintest hint of a yeasty "funk".

The feel is light yet slightly slick - very smooth. The carbonation is nice - faint microtingles.

At first, I expected more than what I was getting from it, but this one ended up being quite nice - light, but sneakily flavourful and very enjoyable. I could drink a bunch of this one in one sitting! (which, at 6.5% yields more of a kick than normal)