Mill Street's ESB

Reviewed last November, this was in Mill Street's second-last mixed six-pack.

There was lots of head - reminded me of marshmallow fluff in look and motion, a bit. The beer was a bit paler than expected. Still, a nice, clear copper.

In the aroma was sponge toffee, and a slight metal/mineral quality.

The flavour came across as watered down... it had some malt sweetness / toffee, but was gone so fast.

The mouthfeel was light - watery, actually, with a wet, watery, watered-down finish. The carbonation was medium.

The taste was OK, and it went down easy... but it was SO watery. Blandblandbland in the finish, I thought. No character.


  1. I find that a lot of Mill St.'s beers suffer from the light mouthfeel, light flavour, and weak finish. I find Tankhouse very similar that way, or at least recent batches of Tankhouse.

    I recently had their Biere de Garde in the latest mixed six pack and was very, very impressed with it. Very well made beer.

  2. I saw that new seasonal sampler and was kind of intrigued... I hate how a couple of new / interesting beers force you to buy a sixer in which one or more or mediocre or worse. I think you're right about recent batches of Tankhouse, too. Seems lighter.


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