Efes Dark Lager

This, my second Efes experience, poured with lots of "cascading-up" head action. The head was kind of creamy and dense, more than expected for this dark lager. The beer was a clear chestnut in colour and left lots of sticky lacing.

At first, when the cap comes off, its smell kind of reminded me of Innis & Gunn... wood, toffee, vanilla. In the glass, it changed a bit, to add hints of corn, a sweet roasted quality, and the wood took on a slightly cardboard slant.

Flavour-wise, it was kind of like a mix of a "traditional lager", a marzen, and Innis & Gunn Original. It wasn't bad, actually... the flavour was mostly toffee, wood, barley toy candy, and some nuttiness.

The feel was watery with a slightly sticky finish. The carbonation was low, and the 6.1% abv didn't come through at all.

Overall, this was better than expected - not bad, and a bit interesting.