Beach Chair Lager - The Review

This last week, Beach Chair Lager-wise, has been a bit of a mess and an odd story with a twist or two. Let us not dwell on marketing oddities, though. I'm here for the beer - and now that it's out a few weeks early, let's review this recreational furniture-ready brew.

It is really pale in the pour, but dark enough in the glass. It has a decent head, but looks light - it reduces to a sliver of a white ring in not too long of a time. It is perfectly clear and has some light carbonation in the glass.

It has a bit of a rice smell to it, despite none being used. Light, dried-grassy hops. A slight spicy note (could be the grassy hops smell at play).

So... how's it taste? Not really bad, but not great. It's just kind of bland. Really, though, maybe that's the plan. I can't say the last time I sat at the beach and drank a fantastic beer. This is more of a "Holy Hell, it's hot, I need something wet," "What should we take on our fishing trip that won't break?" or "Let's go tan and drink at the same time" kind of beer. You're not going to be thinking critically when you drink it, like I am right now - it's just a beer that you'd have at the beach, a BBQ, whatever. Because it's not strong in flavour, it'd go with a lot of things. It's utilitarian... kind of like my wife's review: "It tastes like that last drink in the bottom of the bottle that's been sitting there all night and you gulp it down before you leave for the bar or something." All that being said, it's drinkable. Just not notable. Lots of folks (most, probably) will think it's fine, and that's great. I just wish it was great, too.

In the mouth, it's very light in body and carbonation, just slightly bitter and a little acidic / tangy.

Overall, I think you get my gist. I pull for every local brewer (PEI and Atlantic Canada) to succeed with every offering, but, of course, that's unrealistic. A good commercial lager's a hard thing to pull off - strong points are usually subtle, and any weaknesses are hard to mask. I hope the brewery does well with it, but I hope they improve it, too. My main fear is wondering who will pay (other than tourists) $3.25 for a single can of this when they can get something mass-market in a sixer or more for much cheaper per unit.


  1. It is strange that a local craft brewer like Gahan is trying their hand at mass market lager. I've tried it and can't see it doing very well against the big guys. I think they should stick to what they do best.

  2. Perhaps it is an attempt to appeal to the mass market beer drinkers and have them realize that craft beer isn't so bad ... and perhaps the hope is that they will sway some of that market into trying some other Gahan products. Just a thought.

  3. Since I'm not a Brewnoser, and I know that you are, here is a tip for the "Coming soon to the Rockbottom" section;

    The mystery object appears to be a modified keg spear to prevent dry hops from making their way to the tap.

    I hope there is a prize involved!

  4. Thanks for the review! Was looking to try something for the weekend. Might try one can at first and get a case of something tested and true before deciding to get a lot of it.

    By the way, do you have a Twitter account? Would be good to follow and get new updates in the feed!

  5. It's a very "Murphy" product: uninspired, but marketable as all hell.

  6. I like the beer. drank lots of on the beach. great looking can as well. an extra cost for local product is worth it for me.


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