Growth at Gahan

As of this morning, Gahan beers started shipping to New Brunswick. I was a bit surprised (pleasantly so) to see how much coverage CBC gave it - it was online, on Compass (TV), and on Mainstreet (radio). Among the information seen and heard in the pieces was:

  • the public acknowledgement of their recent sign / name change at the brewery on Walker Drive. It's not the Gahan Brewery anymore, it's the "Prince Edward Island Brewing Company". I'll take a pic sometime soon for you.
  • they are working on a new lager with a "famous brewer"
  • the in-development lager (name withheld at the moment) is going to be their first canned beer, and will be created using some of their newer and much larger brewing tanks within the brewery's expansion. They hope to have it available outside of the Maritimes.
  • the bat-crap-crazy notion that people are actually willing to pay for a different / quality beer product around here or anywhere else... and that there's room for growth in that way here. You know, the same way there was room for growth after the Big Bang. 

In somewhat related news, one of my fellow Aleanders was in brew news today, too, in an article that mentioned his pitch to local farmers today - about considering diversifying their farms by growing hops. Sounds good to me, as it apparently does to most people voting on the poll on the article's page.