Growth at Gahan

As of this morning, Gahan beers started shipping to New Brunswick. I was a bit surprised (pleasantly so) to see how much coverage CBC gave it - it was online, on Compass (TV), and on Mainstreet (radio). Among the information seen and heard in the pieces was:

  • the public acknowledgement of their recent sign / name change at the brewery on Walker Drive. It's not the Gahan Brewery anymore, it's the "Prince Edward Island Brewing Company". I'll take a pic sometime soon for you.
  • they are working on a new lager with a "famous brewer"
  • the in-development lager (name withheld at the moment) is going to be their first canned beer, and will be created using some of their newer and much larger brewing tanks within the brewery's expansion. They hope to have it available outside of the Maritimes.
  • the bat-crap-crazy notion that people are actually willing to pay for a different / quality beer product around here or anywhere else... and that there's room for growth in that way here. You know, the same way there was room for growth after the Big Bang. 

In somewhat related news, one of my fellow Aleanders was in brew news today, too, in an article that mentioned his pitch to local farmers today - about considering diversifying their farms by growing hops. Sounds good to me, as it apparently does to most people voting on the poll on the article's page.


  1. Hey Buddy,
    This is great is the production of hops on the island. The soil composition and weather could produce some very interesting twists on prominent hop varietals.
    I think its time to ponder.........I wish the Gahan had the capability, production assets, and customers to creative more unique one-offs just at the pub. I think these firkins or any cool beer products would bring in people creating a buzz around craft beer. They could brew some amazing English Ales (ESB, Oatmeal Stout, Barleywine,) or Scottish Ales (Wee Heavies, Heather, Gruits) to stay true to their roots.

    Your thoughts?

    I think the wife and I will be coming home in April. Send me your list and I will try to find some of the ales/lagers.


  3. I think you're right. We're a ways off yet, but our beer scene really has grown a lot here in less than a year, what with our beer fest, our local enthusiast group, Barnone readying itself, and Gahan expanding its horizons. We really do need, simply, more people to try more different kinds of beer and to ask for it / expect it. Thankfully, Gahan's trying, and they have a thing or two up their sleeves right now. However, some of their seasonals / one-offs in the past have lasted for months or have been varying in quality.

    As for the brewery, I already have my spot picked out... my back yard, or this:

    The pub would go on Queen Street where the original old Cross Keys Tavern used to be (recently an ol' grocery store), which was also where the first legislature meetings were - the bartender kept the records during the meetings!

    What should I be perusing... the Craft Beer Cellar? Or just ideas on local-to-you stuff?

  4. Its always good to hear about the success of a local brewer. The new lager is great on tap. It seemed a bit cloudy, but perhaps it is unfiltered.



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