Rogue's Portland State IPA

Coming in a fancy shmancy wooden box with a burned-in label, and a matching T-shirt, is this Portland State IPA from Oregon's Rogue Brewery. On the bottle, they claim that this beer is an all-local effort, having even the bottle made locally. It's somewhat ironic that they delivered this to my door - 6082km away. But, hey... I'm not complaining.

At first, this beer is super-clear. There are gobs of sediment in the bottom, though, that make it a bit cloudier as this brownish-amber brew wears on. It has a tall, off-white head that has large bubbles in it forming almost right away, taking their time before popping.

The nose? Hops - a mix of pleasant citrus and something that reminds me of my cat's litter... really, something rather pee-like. It's not enough to stop you in your tracks, but it's there.

The flavour? Whoa. That was unexpected. It's really orange & tangerine-y. I think the Maris Otter malt is playing a nice role in balancing things out. There's some caramel / light roast notes in there, too. It's different. There's something "luxurious" about the malt profile of it - like maple syrup without the maple, if that makes any sense (no, not just syrup).

The carbonation's a bit of a tingle on the middle of the tongue. The body's on the lighter side of medium, with a slightly sticky finish.

Overall? Nice. Not a wower, but nice.


  1. How could you possibly give this is an okay review when it smells like a cat's litter box?

    James S.

  2. I know, right? That was my intial thought, too - that this may be so-so to bad. Luckily, though, it was a minor whiff... by the end of the brew, I enjoyed its flavours (etc.) overall.

  3. Did you order this one from

  4. Not me, my wife. She ordered me three of their brews for Christmas.

  5. Very nice. I've been strongly debating placing an order, but my Scottish blood isn't allowing me to click the checkout button after seeing the cost of shipping. :)

  6. I hear ya. The shipping wasn't atrocious, but the COD / "brokerage" fee was a surprise to her. She said she'd probably never do it again unless it was REALLY special. I'd probably never have done it for myself. So... it was a nice surprise she did!


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