Lagunitas' Wilco Tango Foxtrot

According to the label, a limited release - "a malty, robust, jobless recovery ale". Not quite in the red or black, so they're in the brown.

This brew is a dark reddish brown with some bright red/orange highlights. There isn't too much head, but what's there stays... thick and creamy almost like melted marshmallow.

A great, complex nose - like a dubbel with American IPA hops... brown sugar, coffee, dates, and pine and citrus. There is a mystery smell in there, too... something almost like cumin or celery seeds?

The flavour is interesting... coffee and nuts up front on first sip. There are some hops in the flavour, especially in the burps (fantastic, pleasant surprises over the nice, malty finish) and in bitterness / feel - piney and a bit pithy. It's a bit earthy but still bright.

The feel is smooth and fairly clean but with a moderately slick finish. The body is medium. Carbonation is fairly light.

This is an easy-drinking but really flavourful beer. It's definitely malty - more coffee and nuts than anything else -  but with a pretty solid hop / bitter slant. This was one cool beer. Not so much WTF as MMM.