Imperial ESB Collaboration Ale

In this gorgeously-labelled bottle is a collaborative effort between Propeller and Greg Nash of Hart & Thistle (among other places).

This brew has lots of slow-falling head. Large bubbles form inside of it, and it sticks to the glass in lumps as it recedes. The brew is a bit darker than I thought it may be - a reddish-chestnut.

The hop profile / combo smells so good - grapefruit, orange, and my wife thought peach.

At first, the flavour is subtle and fair... then the pith kicks in. Nice & bitter!The malt notes come out later, and gradually. They build a bit - some subtle nuts and coffee. There's a light roasted / sweet / nut aftertaste. The burps are great. For what I expected for the style (even this version), I thought the hops overwhelmed the malt somewhat. Not really a complaint - I just thought the malt profile would come through more.

The mouthfeel is on the light side of medium. The carb's gentle / subtle / almost not there. The main impression is the bitter finish.

Awesome? Maybe. So enjoyable, either way. Just what I wanted the night I had it.