Merry Beermas

Tonight was the first of (hopefully many annual) Beermas gatherings. Us Aleanders (a branch of the Brewnosers) gathered tonight at the workplace of one of our members, the tripling-in-size Gahan Brewery. Akin to Festivus, there were a couple of Beermas miracles: the fact that there was snow (in this time of global warming), and that we got to hold our meeting at a brewery. (Unfortunately?) There were no feats of strength or airing of grievances. A few of the best brews (in my opinion) were Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale, the Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel, Stone's Cali-Belgique Belgian IPA, St. Ambroise's RIS, and some really different winter ales. There were also some tasty home brews from Hogie and Wortly, as well as newcomer Devin (from the far away land of Stratford).


  1. Pretty Sweet! Nice work on the gathering! The love the red rocket....have you had the opportunity to sample the Racer 5 IPA? Its a delicious west-coast IPA.
    I am constantly amazed at the ingenuity of the Aleanders to gather international craft beer to sample on the island. When the wife and I return in Feb (I hope) I would like to offer something to boys.

    Happy Holidays,


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