The 2011 Holiday Haul

'Twas a great, beerful Christmas this year - many things to drink, read, wear, or use:

  • Two Garrison Spruce Beer and three Imperial ESB Collaboration Ales from Propeller / Greg Nash (present to myself, really, thanks to the helpful services of KMcK & benwedge)
  • An Alley Kat pint glass, coaster, bottle opener (as well as closer),  and Cringer Cranberry Ginger Ale, and, from Rogue, a Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale
  • Two wooden-boxed gift packs from Rogue - one a bottle and glass of Santa's Private Reserve Ale, and another with a bottle & t-shirt of Portland State IPA
  • Two Fuller's ESB (one can and one bottle), and a canned London Porter, a six-pack of Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale, and two nice Bodum glasses
  • A Paddock Wood / Sherbrooke Liquor Store release, Heartstopper (a spicy stout), and four more Alley Kat / Sherbrooke LS brews: Aaiieeeeeeeeee Caramba! (with a chili pepper in it), Van Helsings' All-Natural Mouthwash (with a whole clove of garlic in it), and Glenda & Glenn Sherbrooke (two strong brews aged in barrels from the Glenora Distillery)
  • A new Gahan House glass as well as five of their IPA's
  • A Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Rogue Nation sticker, and the new Oxford Companion to Beer
  • A ginormous Paulaner mug, complete with 1L can of Paulaner Oktoberfest, 12 K├Âlsch glasses, and a Montreal Canadiens beer sleeve
Not too shabby! Now... when will I get the time to drink all of it...