Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout

Not the darkest beer coming out of the bottle, but it's good & dark in the glass. The head is very respectable - tall enough, creamy, brown, and dense. It leaves a mix of solid patches and spots of lacing.

At first, it smells like a milk stout - sweet, chocolatey, with roasted notes acting as wallflowers. As it warms up a bit, aromas of oats/oatmeal (go figure) and dark, roasty smells start to waft around in the glass. The chocolate's still there, but the sweetness starts to lower.

There is a great family of roasted notes in here - coffee, oats, chocolate. Sweetness is light. Only slightly estery / fruity.

The carbonation is a bit surprising at first - more tingly than I thought it would be (maybe a tad sharp, actually). The feel is nice - a very smooth and creamy medium. I expected the finish to be more sticky, but I find it more dry than sticky.

Overall, a really nice stout - it's full and robust enough to be a meaty little stout, but its carb, relatively light feel, smoothness, and non-overpowering flavours keep it very drinkable. This review has been brought to you by the hyphen - also known as the dash.