Quilmes Lager

Yet another beer from a new place - Argentina.

Like the Tusker I drank right before it, a very clear and pale lager. The head on this one was minimal, with just a courtesy skim of bubbles left on top. A few bubbles continue to be active in the glass.

Lots of grass and a bit of sharp fruitiness on the nose of this one. Almost like a cider. It doesn't put me off, but it doesn't really entice me, either.

The first taste was actually a bit better than I thought it would be. There is just a hint of a malty roundness to it, but the flavour on this is all grass, corn / rice, and some fruitiness.

The fruitiness comes with an acidity that's too strong in the feel and finish. Overall, the feel is watery and light.

Not the worst lager or beer I have ever had by a long shot, but this one isn't worth seeking out.