Gahan Pumkpin Beer - Tasted

Note the creepy Halloween lighting
So, Hogie (another Brewnoser & Aleander... look us up if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and I went down to The Gahan House tonight to try their new Pumpkin Beer. I didn't take any notes, like I normally would, but I did take a pic. We talked about the basics of the brew, and I think we came to a general two-man consensus.

It's good.

In more detail? The beer was a crystal clear orange-amber, with a finger+ of head. The smell started to match the flavour a bit as it warmed, but at the onset, it didn't tell you much. It just had - to me - faint notes of spice and maybe the yeast. Hogie thought it smelled like the inside of a hollowed-out pumpkin. The taste? It really was like liquid pumpkin pie. It had gentle / mild spicing, and a certain mellowness to it. A bit bright, but mostly smooth & mellow. Nothing stood out too much: carb, mouthfeel, any specific flavours. It was a solid, pretty-darn-well-balanced brew; more than I thought it would be.