Cisco Brewers' Grey Lady Ale

A beer for old ladies? Mermaids? Sailors? From the look of the label, it could be any of the three. That being said, I do like the label. It has a "maritime historic" vibe about it. This ale is a light witbier, measuring in at 4.5% alcohol, and is my first beer from Cisco Brewers.

Witbier or not, this is one pale brew. In the glass it has a bit of colour, but coming out of the bottle, this ale was extremely pale. There is very little head. After a couple of minutes, all that remains is a thin cake on top and a ring of white. There are lots of active bubbles in the glass, though. Only some random dots of lace form.

It does have a decent smell. More than I expected. Light aromas of orange, coriander/cilantro, and some faint honey & wheat. It has a smell of Belgian yeast, along with some spice (clove, perhaps).

The taste is fuller than I wagered, too. This one has a bit of a zippy, tangy tinge. It's quite bright and refreshing, with lemon / orange notes, some pale / white pepper or spice / clove, light wheat / breadiness, and that Belgian / farmhouse / light funk personality.

The feel is light, almost bordering on watery. The finish is pretty clean, with, perhaps, just a bit of a stickiness.

This was a pretty cool beer. It's light and lightweight - making it easy to consume in larger amounts, were they available - but is also fairly complex and has quite a bit going on under the surface. A very well-made brew. Three cheers for old mermaid sailors!