PEI Beer Festival

Today is International Beer Day, and I haven't even had a beer yet. I entered the day tired (due to the new addition to the family), and a little bummed, since I was unable to make the 5th annual Halifax Seaport Beer Festival today or tomorrow. So many new beers in one spot... and limited-run sales of some of them at the NSLC stores! But not for me...

But now, there is good news: a PEI Beer Festival. I was thinking I would actually have to/get to kick start this in part by myself in the near future, so I'm a little disappointed but mostly elated. I don't want to get my hops (heh heh) up too high, but this is definitely something to look forward to on September 24th. The bonus? A new beer made with Island hops should be ready at the fest. The potential drag: the thought that the available beers will be just what's at the PEI liquor stores. Here's hoping for the best...


  1. I had a wedding to attend the weekend of the Halifax beer fest so I was a little bummed as well.

    Here's hoping that we will see some good beer at the PEI fest. I always fear that we will just see more Bud Light & Alpine at these things


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