August 2011 Beer Trade / Haul

This month saw the completion of my first true beer trade, and I must say it was quite fruitful.

A fellow BA member, Anthony (ajcormier) contacted me about beer on PEI and whether or not we could do a US-Canada beer trade. Luckily, I was going to be in Halifax between then and the trade (since there's nothing really to trade with from here). After a couple / few months, I finally got to meet Anthony and his Mrs. (a great couple), and trade the stash of beer I had in my cellar. What you see in the pic is what I got, and what you can expect to see here eventually (three have already been imbibed and two have already been reviewed):

Cisco Brewers Inc. - Grey Lady
White Birch Brewing - Indulgence Ale (Bottle Count 840, Batch One)
Lagunitas Brewing Company - Lucky 13.alt, Hop Stoopid

Berkshire Brewing Company - Lost Sailor IPA, Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale
Moat Mountain Brewing Company - Imperial Stout (Bottle #796, Brew #1162), Barley Wine Style Ale (Bottle #91, Brew#1233)

Allagash Brewing Company - Black Belgian Style Stout (Batch 30)
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Namaste
Maine Beer Company - Lunch
Green Flash Brewing Company - Grand Cru

Long Trail Brewing Company - Double Bag
Smuttynose Brewing Company - Maibock (Big Beer Series)
Smuttynose Brewing Company - Big A IPA
Smuttynose Brewing Company - Winter Ale
ajcormier's Espresso Brown Ale

Portsmouth Brewery - La Chat Noir
Portsmouth Brewery - Thaizenheimer
Portsmouth Brewery - J.O.S. (Jurgen's Oatmeal Stout)
Portsmouth Brewery - GOSE

Shipyard Brewing Company - Pugsley's Signature Series Imperial Porter
Shipyard Brewing Company - Blue Fin Stout
Firestone Walker Brewing Company - Proprietors Reserve Series Porter
Firestone Walker Brewing Company - Proprietors Reserve Series Double Jack


  1. Hey Buddy,

    I email you earlier through BA, but I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading your reviews for the past 15-20mins. After learning about your EPIC haul, I felt compelled to write a quick response. I am extremely jealous that you managed to acquire 4 styles from Portsmouth Brewery. I have always wanted to visit, but sadly, I rarely journey north from Boston into NH. From your reviews, I think I can safely assume that you are a hop-head, which will bode went when you review the Big A from Smuttynose and Hop Stoopid. Currently, Lunch IPA is my favourite IPA in MA, so getting it on the Island after batch 2 is astonishing.
    Here's to a PEI beer festival that doesn't serve atlantic domestics (Alpine, Moosehead, Rickard's, etc),
    Thanks for creating a beer culture on PEI; maybe we get chat over a pint at Gahan or somewhere else when I come back home,

    Adam Mackie (PEIhop on BA)

    ps. Alpine Brewery from Alpine, CA has the best collection of hoppy beers IMO. Check them out!


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