Twisted Mist Mojito - Phase Two

Day ten - time to rack to the carboy! Nothing too much of note here. After I started the first step, fermentation was said to start within two days. After two days, I saw no action in the airlock and got a little concerned. I pulled the lid up and saw many bubbles rising (phew!), and took a reading that confirmed things were under way. After that the bubbling / fermentation was pretty steady / active, right up until tonight.

A few other notes:
  • it smells a lot like cider at the moment
  • it leaves the primary fermenter much cleaner than beer does (see for yourself in the pics)
  • specific gravity reading today was 1.004
Phase Three coming up on the 28th!


  1. Hey, I bottled my first Twisted Mist last Wednesday. I made the strawberry/lime margarita combo. I have to say it turned out great! My wife and I have already gone through a few bottles already. I was a bit confused about the 2 yeast packages too, but called Noble Grape, where I bought it from, and they told me that Wine Expert found that due to the high final alchohol % that some of the kits weren't fully fermenting with the one yeast packet. Made sense to me, and like I said earlier I'm very happy with the results. I put on a Mojito too last saturday cause I know we're fonna drink alot of these babies over the summer!

    PS- Enjoying your blog!

  2. Hey, Jeff, thanks for the comment.
    I'm hoping that my mojito mix turns out really well, too. I'm glad some neglected-and-now-wild mint in the backyard spread out last year and is doing pretty well already! I'm curious to see how well the whole mix clears up when I put the next two bags in plus the isinglass. Did you know that stuff is made from the swim bladders of fish? True story.


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