Mill Street Wit

I was glad to see this at Harvest Wines & Spirits when I was there over a month ago. Out of the bottle, it pours a slightly foggy, pale, yellow colour, with absolutely no head within a moment after pour's end. In this way, it reminds me a bit of Mill Street's Lemon Tea Ale (I wonder if this one is the base or close to the base for that one...). There are active bubbles in the glass, rising to the top, and leaving nothing behind.

There's a nice smell to it, actually - a bit of wheat, yeast or spice, and orange.

Taste-wise, it has all of the above traits, with a hint of some clove / spice in there, too. It comes off as a bit custard-like, in a faint way. This reminds me more of a couple of saisons I have had recently more than some of the other wheat ales I have had. It's got some character.

In terms of feel, the carb is crisp and prickly on the tongue at first. The rest of it is smooth with a bit of a sticky finish. The body is heavier than I expected, but still no more than a "light medium".

I thought this beer would be good, but I was a bit surprised that it had the character and flavours it did. A nice little beer anytime, but especially as these days warm up.