Red Racer Pale Ale

This is my fourth Red Racer variety from the Central City Brewing Company. I've got to say that the quality of all these canned beers has been high - outstanding in some cases. So, my hopes are high for this one.

This beer has a deep yellow colour - not completely pale. Perhaps it's that Mariss Otter barley giving it some character, colour-wise. There was an average, creamy white head on it that lowered slowly to just a film on top. The lacing starts out solid and clears / vanishes on the way down.

The smell - which I could pick up at arms' length when I opened it, is nice & hoppy. It's mainly citrus, with some slight evergreen, and a bit of malty, slightly toffee-like sweetness. It's kind of like a toned-down version of their IPA's scent in most aspects.

I find the flavour a bit mixed up. Don't get me wrong - it's a tasty beer. But, to me, it tastes a bit like a pale ale that is perhaps too much like a lighter version of their IPA (not necessarily a bad thing, since it's so good), and a bit too much malt? I don't know. It just seems to be a bit out of sync. The citrus is strong in the taste, especially a peel / rind taste at the end of the sip, near the back/sides of the tongue. Some honey, and maybe some grasses, too.

The finish is a bit sticky, and bitter (but not overly so).

Overall, a good beer that I think could use a bit more balance. Definitely worth a try, but this pale ale does "pale" or blend in with too many other hoppy beers I have had, particularly from Lagunitas, or Red Racer's own fantastic IPA.