Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

This, one of my first two bottles of a Lost Coast Brewery product, pours a hazy orange / topaz colour. A modest head is pretty well all gone in no time. Drips of yeast from the bottom of the bottle slowly spread throughout the glass, like dense cobwebs held in a gel. Lacing-wise, there are just a few random dots of bubbles.

The smell is instantly there as soon as the cap is popped. It has a really sweet aroma - an orange, tangy-tangerine smell, like a powdered orange drink, chewable vitamins, or the coloured coating on those white-centred Easter egg candies.

The taste is of tangerine, and that sugar candy coating mentioned above. It tastes like an orange sugary drink / punch, almost similar to less-watered-down version of that "McDonald's drink". There's nothing very beery about it - only slight hints of wheat beer beneath. As you get to the bottom of the glass, it does get slightly more bready / wheaty (thanks to the yeast, I'm sure).

The mouthfeel of it is a bit flat. It needs a bit more crisp carbonation. The body is light, but isn't really watery. With some tweaking in how it feels, it could be more refreshing than it is.

Overall, it's pretty good - just be aware of what to expect!